VB Care Agency

VB Care Agency is a State Agency in Virginia Beach, in Virginia, US. VB Care Agency aim is to take care of children and adults with long term disability. The care agency provides multiple services depending on the needs of its audience. There are a living home facility and residential group homes for children that provides care and surveillance 24/7, transportation, in house gym and library services. The care agency also provides a living home facility for adults. For this project, VB Care Agency needs a graphic identity for the care agency. The graphic identity should represent the values behind VB Care Agency: Unity, inclusiveness, safety and happiness. 

Témoignage client

" Working with Lucile has been one of the greatest collaborations I have done as a project manager. Lucile Escallier worked with VB Care Agency as the graphic designer creating the logo and branding identity for the licensed healthcare business. She has excellent consistency in communication and the presentations she created during each phase of the process ensured our desires were achieved. Lucile’s designs are amazing and I look forward to working with her again in the future. I would recommend Studio Notagraphe to any team looking to refresh their company branding and/or increase their credibility "